The boys have been gettin’ after it and doin’ work on some stud Bass around the state so far this year! They’ve landed the majority of these chunks on soft plastics and topwater.
BASS VISION. The Florida Flavor. Hunter and Dylan landed some stud largemouth bass.
Largemouth bass is the most popular game fish in North America, and it’s the state’s most sought after freshwater fish. The best thing about bass fishing is that you can find them in your backyard and canals, which means there’s no need for a boat. Easy access and great rewards! According to the FWC, the Florida state record for a largemouth is 17.2 lbs!
Dalton Bond of southeast FL has been on fire lately with the other, more colorful and ultra aggressive FL bass species - the Peacock Bass. Peacocks are native to South America, found in the Amazon River. But according to the FWC, they were introduced to canals in southeast FL in 1984. The FWC also says the official state record for the Peacock is 9.08lbs.
Nice work, brothers! Keep those lines tight and fish on! BASS VISION. Large Times 100% guaranteed!