It's been a year, folks.

Hey friends and fam! As 2020 is coming to an end and as our first post on the new site, we'd like to take a moment to simply state our gratitude. We truly cannot express in words how grateful we are for the amount of support, encouragement, and love we've received in the last year. Although 2020 has been one helluva ride, it's also been full of so much growth, new opportunities, and new friendships that we're not so sure would've ever happened without all of the sh*tty parts of this year.

The hard times became our motivation. We invested all our energy into making some supa-fresh lemonade out of all the damn lemons this year kept doling out! And whaddya know... Our lemonade stand has brought all y'all to the yard, and we're stoked to be able to continue sharing our passion with you.

Despite the difficulties of this year, we've gained some amazing friendships with some of you through social media. We are so grateful to have created this community of others who see our vision and embrace the same passions we have... #largetimes100%guaranteed. We've gained new and strengthened old relationships with local retailers and retailers around the state with a mission to continue to spread the local love. Supporting small business has never mattered more than it does this year, and again, we cannot thank you enough for the love. You make us want to keep grinding, so that we will! LOTS more kickass gear will be dropping in early 2021 so keep up with us. 

Cheers to many more Large Times and HAPPY HOLIDAZE y'all!

- Steve & Kelsey