Who We Are

 You spend your weekends chasing what we like to call... the flavors of Florida. You have a passion and love for all that Florida has to offer. Whether you're stalking Snook in the mangroves, waiting for the perfect wave, finding the honey hole offshore, or rippin' trails in the backwoods... Let's all agree that we're pretty d*mn lucky to call this weird & wild state home.

Established in 2019, The Florida Flavor™ is an everything-Florida lifestyle apparel brand with roots residing in sunny Sarasota, Florida. We pride ourselves on being incredibly hands-on in every aspect of our day-to-day business, and we are passionate about making sure we stay true to being locally made, owned and operated. All of our goods are proudly made right here in our US of A! And we are sticklers for only putting out high quality products that we wear and use ourselves.

The Florida Flavor has a mission to keep it local and community-driven, and to inspire you to embody the laid-back, friendly, fun Florida vibes and values we live and love.

Taste the Flavor!  Good Times 100% Guaranteed!